Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trouble's brewing

Unless they boys are sleeping, when things are quiet around here, it usually means some sort of trouble is brewing. Late last week Dave had been in the basement with the kids; he came up and had to leave for one reason or another. I was on a roll getting things done upstairs and didn't really want to go down to referee. I was a little nervous leaving them down there alone, but I thought I would let them be and intervene when necessary. I folded a load of laundry, no problems. I cleaned up the kitchen, no problems. I dusted the main floor, no problems. In fact, hardly a peep. I should have known better...I snuck down the stairs, just to spy...Jackson was playing with cars and Will had found a bag of goldfish crackers (I'm pretty sure it was at least a quarter full before he found it). He was just having a grand old time, sitting in the chair, eating away. Bailey was perched on the floor right by his feet, eating up the crumbs that Will was scattering everywhere. He polished off the whole bag...did I mention it was almost 9 at night? He must not have liked what I cooked for dinner...surprise, surprise!

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