Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Crazy

We've been a little busy and feeling a little under the weather. Not the best combo. I'm feeling a little caught up in the Christmas crazyness that I so despise, even though I LOVE Christmas. My shopping is maybe half done and I'm all out of ideas...don't you hate that? But, the Christmas cards are sent (as of today), I made my dreaded trip to the post office, the tree is decorated, the basement is clean (for the moment), and the kids are happy. I'm choosing to be happy about what is complete, rather than fret about what isn't. I'll save the fretting for 3am when I can't fall back to sleep.

And here are some pictures to pacify those both near and far away.

And just in case you were wondering...you're never too young to be "a really useful engine!" We love you Bradley!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh Baby!

I'm having some technical difficulties loading my video. I really wanted the cute little box with the play button instead of a link, but I can't figure it out. So a link it is. If you have a spare 4 minutes, watch the following video before you continue reading.

Engbers Family Video

We cut tape right before the tears started. Big sad eyes and a trembling chin were not what I expected to see from Jackson. He just kept saying, "But I don't want to have a baby." WHAT??? He's only been asking "when do we get to have 3 children in our family?" for about 6 months. He even asked a few weeks ago if we could maybe have a baby next summer. Too funny. He seems to have rallied from the initial blow and even called Nanny and Mema and the Papa's to share the good news...in case they had forgotten! Will just wanted to keep the baby's paci. He has no idea what's coming and that's probably best.

So, the word is out. I'm just over 12 weeks, and quite glad to have turned the corner as far as nausea and tiredness go. Even though we have had two ultrasounds, it was great to be able to hear the heartbeat from the outside at my appointment yesterday. My official due date is June 14 but we'll keep you posted as we move along.
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