Monday, September 22, 2008

A lazy Saturday

The weather this past weekend was beautiful! Warm, hot even, and a great time to be outside. While Dave was in the shed getting the power washer out, Jackson discovered the wagon. The wagon has been "hiding" in the shed all summer because the last time we had it out, Will only wanted to ride standing up. A little too dangerous for my taste. Anyways, we got the wagon out and they had so much fun. Jackson pulled and Will rode for HOURS! It was fantastic.

Not only did the kids play this way all morning, it was the first thing Jackson wanted to do when he "woke up" from this nap. The afternoon pulling and riding was also great fun, but a new twist was added. Jackson was happy to load and Will was happy to sit and stick all sorts of really dirty things in his mouth. Not only did Will consume considerable amounts of dirt, the mosquitoes had a feast with the poor child because he is covered from head to toe in bites.
The novelty of wagon pulling and riding hasn't worn off just yet, and I'm happy to sit back and watch them play.

1 comment:

Jack B. said...

What a wonderful day! Wait til "His Jackness" figures out that, if he sits in the wagon too, the driveway hill will make for a great raceway. :0

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