Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat

Last week Tuesday night, Dave and Jackson spent the evening carving Jackson's pumpkin. Jackson was so excited for this. He and Dave shared a chair and mapped out their "punkins happy face". Jackson was distressed for just a moment when Dave started carving the face (he like the way it looked drawn with the marker), but just sat and watched giving his opinion every once in a while.

Making the pumpkin was really funny watching Jackson try to wink!

Friday was trick (or trunk in our case) or treating. We headed to Holland Christian to trunk or treat before the football game. The Cat in the Hat and the dinosaur now have more candy than
they know what to do with.

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Anonymous said...

With eager anticipation we click on the Engbers blogspot - the "wink" was fun - you're creating memories that will last a lifetime - we remember David eating "green eggs" - costumes and make believe are ingredients for a happy childhood - Nanny and Papa

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