Thursday, December 4, 2008

Crazy kids

Kids are so goofy...ours are no exception. The things they say and do never cease to amaze me.

Goof #1- "Mommy? Do you have God's number? I need to call him." I'm beyond curious as to where this conversation is going to go so I ask him what he needs to say to God. "I need to ask him a question." Ok, what are you going to ask him. "Where's your house? Is it near the North Pole? Do you have all your Christmas stuff out yet?"

Goof #1 was apparently pining for summer because we found him riding his bike down the
driveway through at least 2 inches of snow!

Goof #2...where do I begin? The boy has been in love with dogs since the day he was born. Last weekend our friends James and Alisa brought their dog Winston over for an evening. (Jackson calls him Quniston- who knows why!) Winston is a big fella. He probably weighs close to 100 pounds and his cage is the size of Will's crib. Keeping true to himself, Will couldn't get enough of Winston, or his massive cage.

Did I mention the fact that I never need to hire a babysitter again? I just need a Winston sized cage!


Katie, Kevin and kids said...

Love the bike riding pictures! Gavin asked today if he could bring his bike in the house to ride becuase he missed it...HA! You've been here, not much room for bike riding:)
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wish we had known about the cage instead of babysitters when our kids were young - would have been cheap entertainment and likely worth having dog, maybe! We loved the pics - curious about your answers to the God's number - can't wait to see those boys again and, of course, you too. How did Quinston and Bailey get along? Give the boys a big hug from us. RoseAnn said to sent a big hug for Winston, too.
Papa and Nanny

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