Monday, April 27, 2009

One mean mama

(Ok, so this isn't an official Not Me Monday post, because MckMama is too busy getting ready to come home with sweet Stellan, but I thought I'd share anyways.)

I'm sure it was not our house that all the yelling and screaming, in true 3 year old tantrum style, was coming from. And I'm sure it wasn't me who left this out of control child on the couch in the basement until he wore himself right out. He is currently snoring (can you see the drool?) and the neighborhood can now enjoy their afternoon in peace, without wearing earplugs.
I'm also sure it wasn't me that took all the clothing out of this poor boy's dresser and moved it to the high bar or high shelves in the closet. In case you were wondering, the tantrum described above is because I would not let him change his clothes for the 4th time today and the 57th time since church yesterday! Aren't I mean?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. Tell him the tent is being made and there are boats in the fabric
2. Tell him he can go with Papa to buy wood @ Menards
3. Tell him the boards need to be cut and he can help Papa saw the wood
4. Tell him we need to stain and drill holes in the top
5. Papa needs a helper
Love ya all

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