Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Seeing Isn't Believing

The following is a devotional I "stumbled" upon yesterday, the day before the first day of Spanish Emergency (Immersion) preschool. I say "stumbled" but I believe that God placed this devotional before to ease my anxious spirit. I'm not overly anxious about sending my little one off to school, but school immersed in another language makes the situation seem more like the emergency that Jackson so innocently describes. It is my responsibility and privilege to lift my children before the Lord in prayer each day and be confident that the Almighty God has them in the palm of His hand.

When Seeing Isn’t Believing (Meditations from a Mother’s Heart by Pamela J Kennedy)

Then Elkanah went home to Ramah, but the boy ministered before the Lords under Eli the priest. Eli’s sons were wicked men; they had no regard for the Lord.” 1 Samuel 2:11-12

I’ll never forget the feeling as I stood on the side-walk watching my son go into his kindergarten class-room the first day of school. I felt like I was no longer going to be there to protect and defend him. How would he manage if someone bullied him? Who would help him if he struggled with a problem? How would I deal with the negative influences he was bound to encounter? I experienced those same feelings again when he entered junior high and high school, and once more when I kissed him good-bye and watched him walk onto an airplane to fly thousands of mile away to college. As mothers, we are constantly saying good-bye to our children, relinquishing them to the influences of others.

When Hannah took little Samuel, who was probably 3 or 4 years old, to live under the authority of the priests at the temple, she undoubtedly hoped he would be cherished and tenderly cared for. In reality, the temple did not seem a friendly place for a little one. Eli was busy and distant, and his sons, the Scriptures say, were wicked. Again Hannah needed to trust a God she could not see. As a woman of prayer, she likely brought her son daily before the throne of the Almighty, asking for His protection and mercy to surround Samuel since her arms no longer could. If she looked at the circumstances it would be easy to become discouraged. But looking to God brought hope and encouragement.

When my family members are in situations where I cannot see solutions, when they endure difficulties over which I have no control, I can be like Hannah. Although I have no power to change circumstances, I do have the power of God available through Word and Sacrament. I can also daily bring my children before His throne and seek His guidance, protection, grace, and mercy for them wherever they are. This is one of the sacred privileges of motherhood. And the assurance we have is that the same God who guided Samuel and comforted Hannah is available to guide our children and comfort us. He knows and loves our sons and daughters even more than we do and is able to accomplish great things in their lives- things beyond our limited sight that He has prepared for them to do for Him and His kingdom.

God thank you that you are in control at all times. Sometimes I am anxious when I look at the circumstances that surround my children. Help me to trust you daily and to leave them in Your all-powerful care. Amen

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MamaGray said...

Thanks for posting this, Michelle. While i'm not sending Adam off to school just yet, it was a great read.

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