Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of those weeks

It seems like this week has been "one of those weeks" with the kids. Constant bickering, whining, pressing their mother's every button. You know, one of those kinds of weeks. Our trip to the grocery store this week was especially frightful and I'm sure if you live in a 30 mile radius of the 16th street Meijer, you could hear the massive meltdown as it was in progress. For those of you who are farther away, consider yourselves lucky. I was thinking of busting out this move like the Mother of the Year. (I wish I was really techy and knew how to post this video directly instead of just the link...sorry.) But please watch it...I least 10 times.

I've recently started reading a blog called (in)courage. These daily postings have been refreshing and encouraging for me to read. Women from all walks of life post about their lives and their faith. A post worth reading from a few weeks back can be found here. Just a small reminder that I am not defined by my children (or their actions) but am to be defined by Christ alone.

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One Womans Thoughts said...

I am enjoying your blog and can relate to the feelings of being defined by your children. My children are grown and I will tell you, as will others with older children, savor these moments. I know that you know and understand this, but it is good to be reminded. We get busy living life and getting those daily never ending tasks done. You are making memories and they are precious. For you and your family. Be true to yourself and MAKE and TAKE time to nurture the person you are. You will be happier and your family will benefit from your happiness. Best of luck with your blog.

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