Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Deal of the Week

Since I'm a recent Savings Angel drop out, I'm constantly on the hunt for good deals when it comes to groceries. (And just for the record, I think Savings Angel is great, as long as you use it...) My best deal of the week was Coffee-Mate creamer. You know how much I love my French Vanilla cream (especially the Coffee-Mate variety).

So here's the deal for you West Michiganders (I'm not sure if Walgreen's sales are the same across the country, sorry.) Walgreen's Coffee-Mate cream is on sale, buy one, get one free (regularly $2.49 each for the small size). Just wait, it gets better with coupons. Go here to print a $1 off 1 coupon, but please print two. You'll have to register, but it just takes a second. If that doesn't work because you've already printed coupons from that site before, go here. Click on "Send a Cup of Confidence", fill out a nice little note, and print yourself two, one dollar off coupons. If you use both coupons you can get 2 creams for $0.49. That's a good deal! If you are a first time printer, you could go to both links and get yourself 4 creamers for less than a dollar. I'm pretty sure cream stays good for months in the fridge so no need to worry about them expiring.

Sorry, the cutie in the background is not part of the deal.

Many thanks to Sarah's Deals for the help in finding this deal. You can follow her blog or follow her on Facebook. She has lots of tips for big savings.

Hope you have a great day and happy coffee drinking!

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stan said...

Interesting that in the same sentence you said you are a SavingsAngel dropout AND you are constantly looking for good deals - that's what SavingsAngel does for you. Lots of help available - we want you to be successful.

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