Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking time to smell the tulips

Late last week, all three boys dressed in their finest dutch apparel and we headed downtown Holland to Tulip Time. They all looked stunning! (Me and my big belly were glad to not have to try and fit into anything but a stretchy pannel.) RoseAnn made each of the boys' costumes and the town of Holland was definitely impressed with her handiwork. My handsome boys (all three of them) made the tulips look all the better!

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Masselinks said...

What a blast to tiptoe through the tulips in such authentic Dutch costumes! They look stunning on the Engbers guys. Can Klompen dance lessons be far behind???

We Dutch folks can be proud of our heritage and happy to share it with our neighbors of different ethnicities. Numerous cultures and traditions make this world such a beautiful and interesting place to live!

RoseAnn said...

Tears slipping from my eyes
Every stitch was worth it all

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