Thursday, November 4, 2010


According to Will we had a "bath-tism" on Sunday. (I think Jackson said that once up a time too.) Avery was her usual smiley self and looked beautiful in RoseAnn's baptism dress. It was a great service and wonderful to be surrounded by so many family members and friends. Our minister encouraged us to celebrate each of the kids baptisms to remind them that they belong to Jesus. I love the idea of this tradition and we look forward to celebrating each of the kids baptism birthdays through out the years. Happy Baptism Birthday, Avery Anne!

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Anonymous said...

Tears of joy welling up in our eyes
as we laugh about the bath-tism phrase and rejoice about God's covenant displayed through the generations with the dress from 57 years ago and catch the enthusiasm of all of you
Sooo pleased to have witnessed this most blessed event
Nanny and Papa

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