Saturday, April 17, 2010

Because money doesn't grow on trees

The following conversation took place in the car yesterday afternoon.

J: Mommy, can I get a Gator for my birthday?
(We were recently at a friend's house and this friend has a Power Wheels Gator. This apparently is the most coveted toy an almost 5 and almost 3 year old can think of.)

Me: Sorry honey, Power Wheels cost too much money.

J: No, no, mom you don't have to buy it. Someone else will just get it for me.

Me: Oh really. Who do you think might get it for you?

J: Probably Me-ma and Papa.

Me: Do Me-ma and Papa have a lot of money?

J: Yeah, I think so. Um, maybe I better call and ask them.

Me: Sounds like a good idea.

J (Leaving a message for my mom): Hi Mima, this is Jackson. Do you have like $100 or like $1,000,000? Bye!

I'm still laughing just thinking about all of this. It's not surprising that he seems to have it all figured out! Right down to the number of dollars one might need to buy the coveted gator!

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