Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A day in the life of a two week old

Our sweet princess has had a busy two weeks. She spends most of her day sleeping. I think the record for being awake (in one stretch) is about an hour. She is also growing like a weed. She is now weighing in a whopping 7 pounds, 4 ounces! This is the girl everyone was so worried about because she was busy loosing weight when she should have been gaining. She is up a full pound in one week. Good work, girl! We are loving on her every minute we get and feel so blessed.

A big brother update. Jackson is totally smitten with her. He loves to hold her and to give her kisses. He has transitioned into the role of big brother times two quite easily.

Then there is William. While he loves "sissy", he's a bit put out at the same time. He too loves to hold her but he's had his fair share of tears as well. He likes to play house and wants Avery to be the big brother and he wants to be the baby. He still calls her Sissy because most of the time he can't remember her name. I even heard in the middle of prayer, "Thank you God for Mommy, Daddy, Jackson, Me, Fudger and...Mama, what do we call her again?...oh yeah, thank you for Avery Anne Engbers. Amen."


Masselinks said...

What a beautiful baby girl! I can't believe how dark and thick her hair is for a newborn. So glad that her big brothers are enjoying her presence in your family. Hopefully she'll grow up to be a Red Sox fan just like them--and their dad! Congratulations and best wishes!!!

Erica & Kyle Engbers said...

we can't wait to meet her! the pictures with the boys are so precious. see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Precious and touching our inner spirits with deep anticipation of meeting this new little sweetheart
Papa and Nanny

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