Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Boy

I told Will for at least a week that he could have a birthday but he wasn't allowed to turn 4, he just had to stay 3. Finally he started crying and told me that I "just have to tell the truth!" Ok, ok. But how can he be 4? Wasn't he just born? Apparently not, but he is still cute as the dickens and maybe I'll pretend for just a bit that he is still a baby.

William, William,
Even though you are 4, you still do "little" things that make you little. You like to climb in our bed to snuggle and you still play with your hair. You ask for "break-frist" every morning and would rather drink out of a sippy-cup than one without a top. You still love your blanket and your lovey but have ditched the paci. (Nice work buddy!)
On a more grown up note, you love to play with others and you are a good friend. When in the care of others I often hear how sweet you are and that you are careful for the feelings of others. You are quite observant, you don't miss much, even though you seem to be not paying attention much of the time. You have an unbelievable ability to quote lines from TV shows and movies, a trait you did not get from your mother. You are still a bit of a goof at heart and sometimes I just look at you and laugh. You love wearing your goggles, but ironically enough you are scared to death to put your head underwater. You also like to pick out your own clothes but fashion is not your strong suit.

For your birthday all you wanted was "jeans that come with a belt". Seriously? But we were happy to oblige. Maybe someday we will tell you that we didn't actually buy you new jeans we just put the belt on the ones that were already in your drawer. You love your "new jeans" and have worn them more times in the last week than you wore your "old jeans" in the last 5 months. You also wanted a pink birthday cake. We were looking out for your future self when we settled on something a little more your favorite color with pink sprinkled in for good measure.
Will, we love that you love Jesus and that you love to pray. You pray for each person in the room (sometimes excluding your brother, just to get under his skin) and have insightful things to say. You love Bible stories and ask many questions so that you understand all angles of each story. God is growing you up to be a special little man and we couldn't be more proud. We love you so much and are looking forward to all that this year has to hold.

Love, Daddy and Mommy

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Anonymous said...

Just taken by your special reports....love and great parenting oozes between the lines

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