Friday, February 27, 2009

A day at the beach?

The temperatures have been frigid and it seems that Spring will never come. We are trying to remain positive however and the sunshine today was a blessing! Fitting with the desire for warmth, in Jackson's classroom they have been learning about the ocean. He came home today with a cute water bottle filled with some blue rocks, a couple of sea shells, and a small dolphin. I'm trying not to worry about when this marine treasure is going to open and spill all over the floor. He loves it and even insisted on sleeping with it. He also came home singing the cutest song about different things you'd find at the beach. I'll try and get it on video; it's that cute! The beach and water theme must have seeped into Will's little mind too. While I was at MVP this afternoon I got paged from the nursery...this has not happened to me before. They did come find me once, but that's a story for another day. I was finished running therefore not too bothered by the pager and headed up to the nursery to get the scoop. Apparently the boys had gone into the bathroom together and in keeping with the water theme, plugged the drain in the sink and filled it, I mean overflowed it, with water. They were happy as clams playing in the water. Soaking wet, but happy as clams! They were not so happy when their mother showed up and made them apologize to every member of the MVP staff and then ride home in their wet I have an extra set of clothing just sitting around for an occasion such as this... I did use my stern mommy voice, but couldn't help but giggle.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking the package in the mail this week needs to be something that floats in water????
Love their creativity
Makin memories each and every day that make us laugh
Nanny and Papa

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