Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Teach me Tuesday...or is it Wednesday?

Even though I am a day behind for "Teach me Tuesday", I thought I'd post anyway. We can still learn on Wednesday right? :) Recently, Jackson has learned to identify each of the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds (thank you, Fridge Phonics!). The teacher in me is jumping for joy! However, writing, coloring, and drawing have become major areas of frustration for the buddy because often things aren't perfect. This need for perfection is equally frustrating for the boy and the mom, although frustrating for different reasons. So, I've been trying to help Jackson learn to write his name. He's doing a great job!

Learning Objectives:
-Jackson will identify the letter "J" as the first letter in "Jackson" and "Jelly Beans"
-Jackson will practice writing his name (preferably without a meltdown)
-Jackson will practice counting

-Paper with large bubble letter and a silly sentence using the repetition of the desired letter. There should be one sheet for each letter of your child's name.
-Small object (in this case, jelly beans for "J") to glue onto letter

-Ask child to identify the letter on the paper. As a challenge, identify the letter's sound too.
-Identify the small object (jelly beans) by name and determine their beginning letter.
-Glue small object inside the letter.
-While gluing, identify other words that begin with "J" sound
-Count the number of objects glued
-Read the sentence at the bottom of the page and fill in the blanks. For this activity I wrote the number (and helped with the counting) and had Jackson write his own name.
-Don't forget to save some jelly beans to eat after a job well done!


Katie, Kevin and kids said...

I love it Michelle! What a fun activity for Jackson. I also love your posting format!! YEAH. I hope you won't mind if I link to this post on the new education site when it is up and running.

Mitch, Em & Kaden said...

You inspire me, Michelle!:) That is a very cute activity! Would you happen to be a teacher as well as a great mom?!:)

Anonymous said...

Counting the days until we can count jelly beans with Jackson (with buttons popping off, of course as Jack/Debbie/Lance/RoseAnn share the smartest grandchildren:-)
Nanny and Papa

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