Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bye Bye Baby...Hello Big Boy

My baby went for his first haircut this week. I've been dragging my feet, letting the poor boy walk around for a mullet for quite some time. I just couldn't cut the curls. So, I was sure to take a before picture of these locks because I was quite sure they would never be the same. Much to my relief, the curls are back, just a little shorter!

He sat like a champ, patiently waiting for his "wittle treat" of "Marties", more commonly known as Smarties. I like the hair cut (thank you, Melissa), but I'm not so sure about the big boy look. Where is my baby?


Katie, Kevin and kids said...

I was glad to read that the curls bounced back after the haircut. My first response when I read your title was, "Oh No!" He is such a precious little guy!

Anonymous said...

Held my breath as I was scanning down the photos - echoing Katie's comments - sooooo glad his curls are back!!!
He's adorable with the new haircut!
Nanny from MA

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